About 5 Stars Security Services

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5 Stars Security Services is a Brisbane and Gold Coast based security firm that was formed in order to meet the ever growing demand for high quality security services and provide such services to customers who were unsatisfied with their current security services arrangements.

5 Stars Security Services treats every client with the same level of importance, dedication and high quality standards. Be it a large national corporation or a small local contract, we guarantee full and complete satisfaction with our services. We are committed to delivering effective security services to a variety of our customers’ needs.

We offer a full range of services, including Static Guards, Mobile Patrol, CCTV Security and Surveillance, Crowd Control and K-9 Units.

We appreciate the unique requirements that our customers have for their events, venues and sites. We concentrate our vast experience and knowledge to deliver the most effective solution.

All personnel at 5 Stars Security Services have undergone and successfully completed extensive training and are able to demonstrate a wide range of skills. We are committed to consistently improving our personnel skills by ongoing trainings and certifications, so that all our customers are being looked after by qualified and experienced 5 Stars Security Services professionals.

5 Stars Security Services is a proud member of Australian Security Industry Association.

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